Destination: Techiman, Ghana
Dates: May 30 - June 14, 2017
Leaders: Dr. and Mrs. Reese
Cost: $3,000

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(Welcome in the Twi dialect)


Though poor by western standards, the people of Ghana are very friendly and accommodating to westerners.

Opportunities to witness for Christ abound everywhere one turns, whether it be in the nation's only shopping mall in the capital city of Accra or in a remote village accessible only by foot or four-wheel vehicle. The typical Ghanaian is quite "religious" but rather confused regarding "works" salvation. Evidence of Animism and local fetishes still persist in many regions, especially in the interior villages. Equally disconcerting is the expansion of Islam in Ghana. Muslims are dedicating two mosques each Friday in the northern region of the country alone! The spiritual harvest truly is plenteous in Ghana, but Satan's counterfeits are visibly present striving to keep man in spiritual bondage in a land which was once the gathering point for slaves to be shipped to the western world.

TRIP GUARANTEE to all team members: You will experience life-changing events during this journey, and you will leave a piece of your heart in the heart of Africa as you depart.

Will you pray about investing in this ministry which will yield spiritual dividends that are out of this world?
May the Lord bless you as you place yourself in the way to be used by Him to help fulfill the Great Commission!

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The dates for the 2016 Ghana mission trip are May 30-June 14, and the cost is $3,000. That may seem to be a daunting figure, but the one of the names of God is Jehovah Jireh...God will provide! Each year, we have seen Him provide in very exciting ways as each team member has ventured out on this faith-journey. The lessons learned in the process can be life-changing and are worth the price of the trip alone!

The sixteen, action-packed days of our Journey into the Heart of W. Africa include a variety of ministry opportunities such as preaching, music ministry, children's church, Bible clubs, Christian school ministry, public and private school outreaches, orphanage work, street evangelism, youth outreach, open air meetings, ladies gatherings, as well as visits to the local markets. Our motto is "no spectators." In other words, if one joins our mission team, he will experience two weeks of high-octane ministry outreach which will leave him physically exhausted but spiritually recharged and inspired. Each year, the Lord has blessed with hundreds of professions of faith and many Christians built up in the faith. The outreaches into the poorest of the villages will tear at your heart as you see the poverty-stricken living conditions, but you will thrill to see the Lord do mighty works amidst these difficult living conditions. As you observe the paucity of earthly goods in these villages, you will see in the Christians' lives a true contentment which serves as a rebuke to America's materialism. These experiences will help you set priorities in you life and help you pray more intelligently for missionaries who serve in difficult areas of the world.

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